id2Health | Identity to Health

id2Health: Identity to Health

The #1 secure collaborative healthcare system.
id2Health is a secure integrated system for effective personilized healthcare. The id2Health system formulates three innovative medical catalogues per person (Person in Life, Person in Time and Person in Action) enabling people and healthcare providers collaboration, health monitoring and screening.

"Person in Life" catalogue

id2Health structures a scalable personalized catalogue for storing and updating basic demographic and wellbeing data. Advanced tools keep constantly engaged people in tracing and monitoring family history, diseases, immunizations, allergies...

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"Person in Time" catalogue

id2Health structures a scalable personalized "Person in Time" catalogue that entails electronic health records (EHRs) containing lab exams, streamed data, obtained by interconnected diagnostic devices, imaging exams e.g x-rays, ultrasound...

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"Person in Action" catalogue

id2Health structures Person in Action catalogue which integrates intelligent heuristic algorithms to enable dynamic and objective health screening for physicians’ reference, evaluate accurately health risk levels, of abnormal conditions, reassess…

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Real-time Collaboration

id2Health incorporates id2Connect subsystem, an ICT collaborative tool, that bridges physicians and healthcare providers with people, by enabling real time communication, through voice, video and id2health data catalogues. id2Connect supports...

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id2Health's hybrid System-as-a-Service (SaaS) structure uses a mix of private cloud and public cloud services with secure orchestration between them.
The id2Health interface entails advanced features such as drag and drop, medical devices plug 'n play, modal windows, etc., being very responsive and interactive for easy user navigation.
id2Health dynamic engine provides integration with other systems and medical devices allowing valuable data sharing.
id2Health established to address the needs of healthcare providers and the communities they serve by promoting collaborative healthcare delivery through secure, intelligent communication.
id2Health system features include browser-based user interfaces, flexible and adjustable workflow, dashboards and rules-based business processes.
id2Health can be accuratelly accessed using a variety of ICT devices according to user preference.

id2Health Features

With Compassionate Care

  • An identity of health for everyone.
  • Easy access to care from anywhere, anytime
  • Full compliance with existing guidelines
  • Full compliance with clinical protocols

id2Health: Identity to Health

A truly well designed Suite of e-Health services with easy environment enabling patients / users and health professionals manage easily and efficiently personal health data. Id2health Suite provides a scalable and flexible integration platform for collecting, storing and sharing of user information to support the management of patient care and business performance. In fact it is a comprehensive suite of interconnected components, all integrated under a common framework.





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it's simple: Learn about the id2Health Impact

People using id2Health system will benefit from:

  • Improved healthcare through personalised, safer, more accurate and complete information shared among physicians of the their choice.
  • Reduced costs, travelling and wait times for appointments, procedures and access to community care facilities
  • Reduced wait times for AAL tests, laboratory test results and clinical diagnosis or second opinion
  • Improved security of confidential health information through a real secure system

Physicians using id2Health system will benefit from:

  • Immediate, accurate, secure access to pertinent patient medical information from all relevant sources, including hospital and community care reports.
  • Rapid access to a wide array of data ranging from annual patient physicals, lab reports and test results, medication records, and digital diagnostic data (CT, MRI, Ultrasound Imaging exams etc.).
  • Reduced potential for adverse drug interactions due to electronic prescribing and record-keeping.
  • Improved practice efficiencies through real-time collaborative procedures and automated workflow.
  • More time to focus on patients.

Contracted Medical Centers using id2Health system will benefit from:

  • Reduced demands on health care resources.
  • Lower costs through fewer duplicate tests, fewer printed exams fewer physician and specialist visits, and fewer emergency room and hospital visits.
  • More efficient transfer of patients to the appropriate level of care (from hospital emergency rooms to long-term care facilities).
  • Improve quality of healthcare people receive while reducing costs.