id2Health | Identity to Health

Personally Controlled

Give yourself control on your healthcare, making you active member of the whole process.

24|7 Availability

24|7 access to a summary of your health information, from anywhere

Well-tracked Healthcare

Keep track of everything about your healthcare "from the born-time and for ever".

More-Informed Healthcare

Be more-informed about your health status, and more involvement in the healthcare decisions affecting them

Optimized Healthcare

Choose the Physician of your choice from anywhere. Check physicians record on your health issue and enable them on your issue with a few clicks.

Collaborative Healthcare

Share your important health information with as many healthcare providers as you want and involved them in a real-time collaborative process of your healthcare.

Benefits for you

It's easy to see how you can benefit from id2Health. Every visit to a healthcare professional, or a hospital or other medical facility, may result in important information about your health being created and stored at that specific location. id2Health system allow this information to be much more easily shared between the healthcare providers involved in your care.

The Process you should Follow