id2Health | Identity to Health

Gain Time for your Patients

Gain more time for your with patients – less time chasing clinical information, resending or chasing referrals, scanning, printing, filing etc.

Share Patient's Data

Share patients' data between different and heterogeneous sources, for example between labs, GPs and Hospitals

Integrate Patient's Data

Integrate important patient information being available to you quickly and exactly when needed.

Provide e-Services

Help your patients, including those with chronic and complex conditions, to receive your services remotely

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency reducing the number of unnecessary repeat tests, hospitalisations and follow-up specialist visits

Support and Get e-payments

Support on-line patients and/or collaborate with other colleagues and get payments for your services even from your house.


Research indicates that as many as 13% of primary care visits have missing clinical information. A patient's health information is potentially distributed across a wide range of locations including their GP, hospitals, imaging centres, specialists and allied health practices. Now, using id2Health system you can access these data easily providing more effective healthcare services.

The Process you should Follow