id2Health | Identity to Health

The id2Health is an innovative e-healthcare system. The main focus of the system is twofold. First to personalized innovative secure online system containing key health information from the born-day at the end and second to establish a collaborative healthcare environment enabling the physicians of patient choice to use this key information to optimize the healthcare process (prevention, diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and management) over web.

It provides effective personalized healthcare by formulating dynamic personalized medical catalogues(Person in Life, Person in Time and Person in Action) to enable people and healthcare providers real-time collaboration, health monitoring and screening.

It benefits the entire community by improving access to care and quality of care and by making the health sector more efficient.

The core system through well-organized Catalogues can incorporates ubiquitous information and share data between patients and health service providers, hospitals, health professionals and health information networks; electronic health records; telemedicine services; and portable patient-monitoring devices.





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id2Health: Goals of the system

To improve Citizens' Health

To improve citizens' health by making healthcare and life-supporting services and information available – between heterogeneous collaborators (Individuals, Patients, Physicians, Contacted Medical Centers etc.)

To share modern Healthcare Services

To share e-healthcare services and tools more effective, user-friendly and widely accepted by involving physicians, professionals and patients in strategy, design and implementation.

To increase Healthcare Quality

Until now the evidence that IT improves important health related outcomes was limited. id2Health system increases healthcare quality and access by making individuals active part of their healthcare procedures.

To improve Healthcare cost-efficiency

id2Health system improves cost-efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining processes, reducing waiting times and waste.