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iHealthNode: The double edged healthcare sword

Access to affordable healthcare is a major challenge. Increased patient loads, rising costs, complex diseases that necessitate collaboration and lack of qualified medical professionals are common. These challenges can even be difficult to solve in large-scale population cities where have already enough resources

This sword designed with people in mind

iHealthNode is a step forward in the way id2Health services can be delivered. The iHealthNode can be considered as a double edged sword a) the first edge is engaged with id2Health system enriching medical data -received on the point- to medical e-folder and the b) the second edge free-standing virtual healthcare node, you get to consult with a healthcare professional face-to-face via video screen, ensuring you get quality, individualized medical screening and diagnosis. Whether you schedule an appointment or just walk right up, iHealthNode is your new option for convenient, quality healthcare..

Key Features

iHealthNode has the potential to reach people who may be undiagnosed, unmotivated, or not yet sick enough to warrant costly at-home equipment. In contrast to remote monitoring devices such as Bluetooth-enabled spirometers, kiosks may engage people who are bored, curious, or not yet worried enough to see a physician.

Trivial Healthcare kiosks call to mind the dusty old-school automated blood pressure machines that have sat quietly in drug stores for years. But the iHealthNode offers a radically different experience — one that can have a big impact on the practice of medicine and healthcare.

Home monitoring often struggles because people can’t directly translate a reading into an action. Conversely, iHealthNode may direct a people with an undiagnosed disease to a physician and a medication available in the next aisle, or in more critical situations iHealthNode may connect a user directly to a multiple healthcare professionals via a web-based collaborative service.

Enhanced productivity of healthcare practitioners and people Healthcare care with instant access to collaboration services. Reduced wait times, and patient satisfaction. Healthcare Services integration for data transmission and faster access to medical e-folder in the clinical workflow.

Scaling Across multiple endpoints. Scale to incorporate with high reliability and security multiple endpoints (Physician, Labs, Hospitals, GPs etc.) to set up an integrated healthcare environment. Collaboration between multiple physicians on separate networks for efficient, timely, and comprehensive people Healthcare.iHealthNode is a complete end-to-end Healthcare Solution at distributed Nodes. including exams, physicians of people choice collaboration based on enriched multimedia basis, third-party medical device integration, management, and reporting. Medical data captured at iHealthNode endpoint is transmitted at people id2Health medical e-folder and shared with the health providers in real-time manner.

iHealthNode design and structure ensures the i) Aesthetic design to increase people adoption, ii) Maintenance and thermal design to maximize up-time (the time between failures or crashes) iii) Component specification: Typical components include Touch-screen, P.C., pointing device, keyboard, bill acceptor, mag-stripe and/ or bar-code scanner, surge protector, UPS, etc. Ergonomic: Is important to ensure comfortable and easy user accessibility. Regulatory compliance: Electrical standards include UL in the U.S. and CE in Europe. In the retail space you have PCI certification in the U.S. which is descendant of VISA PED (relative of Chip and PIN in Europe). Interface design: Larger buttons and simpler decision trees than designing for a web or computer based interactive.

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With Compassionate Care

  • On-line Physicians of your Choice.
  • mobile x-Rays exams
  • mobile Ultrasound exams
  • mobile ECG, stethoscope, otoscope, dermascope etc.

iHealthNode: The double edged healthcare sword

The iHealthNode don’t just check blood pressure. The iHealthNode can enable health monitoring and connect into a live web-based collaboration with a physicians –of people choice- who, teamed with a medical assistant on-site, can use a mobile x-Rays, ultrasound, stethoscope, otoscope, dermascope, and other diagnostic equipment.

Internal system can quiz patients about symptoms and on-line physicians of patient choice can help them assess whether they can be treated by an over-the-counter medication, and/or prompt them to consult expert or Contacted Medical Centers about particular issues. Perhaps most critically, it can link into continuing follow-up id2Health system that engage users via interactive multimedia over the long-term, not just during irregular kiosk visits.

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