10 Top Skin Care Tips For Older Women

Most women, particularly those over 60, are anxious about the onset of an “aging” appearance. These women desire “younger-looking” skin to match the perpetual youth-brand machine to which they are constantly exposed.

It is no secret that our bodies change as we get older. We must be mindful of what we put into our bodies (such as food and drink), but it is also critical to care for the outside of our bodies. We’re referring to YOUR SKIN! We’ll go over the 15 most significant skin care guidelines for the aging epidermis in the next post. We’re here to give you a simple approach to help maintain your skin glowing and healthy throughout your golden years, from the makeup you use to your nighttime skincare routine.

1.  Concealer

The first skincare and makeup advice we have for you is to use concealer to make your skin look beautiful and youthful. You can hydrate, sleep well, and drink six cups of coffee, but you can’t always disguise the bags under your eyes. Add a fast under-eye concealer swipe from your favorite natural beauty brand to increase your energy and attractiveness. Instead of swiping the concealer directly beneath your eyes, form a triangle and softly blend it down to around mid-nose. This is one tool we recommend having on hand for long days at work, traveling, or simply impressing others.

2. Lip Balm

You must not ignore your lips! People notice your eyes and lips the most on your face, so don’t forget about them. First and foremost, lipstick and lip balm is not the same thing, are they? YES! For your precious lips, we recommend a balm with SPF protection. Sunburned lips are the worst, and this does not improve with age. So, when shopping for a lip balm, seek for one with (reef-safe) SPF protection, hydrating ingredients like honey, avocado seed oil, or cucumber, and a glossy and sassy color if you want the rosy glow.

 3. Eyeliner

Without a doubt, eyeliner is a fantastic addition to your make-up routine that can really make your eyes POP! So, how should you adjust your eyeliner application as you get older? A stunning black eyeliner may complement your youthful skin when you are young, but as you develop, your skin and skills will mature as well. Experiment with other colors, such as soft brown, blue, or grey eyeliner. These tones may be more appropriate for your style while yet producing the same doe-eyed look.

4. Eyelashes

Do not let your lashes fall! Your eyes are one of your most visible characteristics, therefore take care of their frame (your lashes!). Don’t skip the mascara just because you’re getting older and want to reduce your makeup load. Try a lighter color (like brown) and use an eyelash curler to complement your mascara.

5. Contouring

Knowing how to contour is another key step to adding to your make-up routine for a fresh, youthful face. Contouring is specific to each woman’s facial structure and skin tone, but it is a definite technique to achieve the fresh face and smooth skin glow that we all seek. Find the correct shade for you and apply it to the places you want to draw attention to. Before you begin contouring, make sure you have an even foundation pallet.

6. Sunscreen

We adore soaking up the rays of sunshine, but what do we adore even more? We’re also protecting our skin! It is critical to shield your skin from possibly damaging UV rays. Excessive sun exposure can cause uneven pigmentation and collagen degradation. This skin care strategy is crucial at any age, but as you get older, your skin gets more susceptible to the sun’s rays, making it even more important to protect yourself. When shopping for sunscreen, look for reef-safe options (like the brand shown above). Sunscreen chemicals have been proven to be HARMFUL to coral reefs. Check out chasingcoral.com’s reef-safe program to learn about the most environmentally friendly sunscreens and chemicals to avoid for your skin (and the sea).

7. Drink Water

This skin care tip may appear needless, but…we’re going to discuss it nonetheless. Drinking water is vital throughout one’s life, so it’s no surprise that as we age, we may need to increase our water intake. Water not only aids in a range of internal activities such as boosting energy, controlling body temperature, and assisting brain function, but it also aids in skin brightening by keeping the body hydrated and creating collagen. To stay hydrated, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends drinking 90 to 125 ounces of water per day. The primary stages of preserving the skin from aging are regular hydration and UV protection.

8. Facial Cleanser

The Next skin care advice is all about cleansing your face. Before applying makeup, make sure you’re using a clean palette and not trapping any unwanted dirt or oils beneath your masterpiece. You should also make sure that when the day is done, you wash the dirt and makeup off your face. Choose a facial cleanser with a low pH, no harsh exfoliating particles, and no fancy active ingredients. Instead, seek elements that are more natural, such as rosemary, jojoba, aloe, and lavender. Avoid sodium lauryl sulfate like the plague since it is harmful to both your skin and the environment.

9. Moisturizer

The next stage in skin care is hydrating. This is a critical component in your skincare routine as you become older. As you age, your skin loses sebum, which causes it to dry up faster, resulting in wrinkles and, let’s be honest, pain. Dry skin is no laughing matter! The good news is that you don’t need to buy an expensive moisturizer. In fact, the simpler the better. Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for the entire body. Apply sparingly to the face and body and enjoy the luxurious moisture. Vaseline and Aquaphor are both excellent moisturizers that can be used on your skin as well as elsewhere!

10. Bronzer

You might want to add a little more glow to your cheeks as we make our way to your finished product. A little bronzer in the appropriate spots may make a big difference. Choose a bronzer shade that is appropriate for your skin tone rather than one that is too dark. On that subject, forget about testing foundations and hues on your palm; instead, make sure you’re trying the colors of your makeup on your face or neck. Once you’ve selected the correct shade, apply the bronzer to your cheeks in a reversed E shape, with the points pointing toward your brows, nose, and bottom lip. This will draw attention to your features in all the appropriate places!

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