id2health.com help to understand the importance of maintaining our health, yet few people actively seek a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis. Our bodies are essentially machinery, and when they are neglected, they begin to fail. This happens normally with age, but many millions of people endure health concerns that are not normal and often speed up the ageing process or cause death.

It is critical that we all assess what our health means to us and what we can do to improve it.

God’s gift to us is health. A person’s health refers to both his or her physical and mental status. Staying healthy is not an option; it is a requirement for living a happy life. The fundamental principles of good health are related to the foods we eat, the quantity of physical activity we engage in, our cleanliness, rest, and relaxation. A healthy person is more self-assured, confident, gregarious, and energetic. A healthy person sees things objectively and without bias. so we (id2health.com) here to help you to live prosperous life. we provide you the best Health Tips and motivation to live healthier long life. 

About me 

I am Praharsh, who know the Philosophy and Value of Life. Nature offers us an extreme example of metamorphosis that we cannot ignore. Yet, in our hectic lives, we frequently lose sight of the tremendous power for transformation that each of us possesses. I am here to assist you in recognising your own talents and utilising that potential to spreadĀ  wings and soar to new heights. I get to spend some of my day chatting to wellness warriors who want to share their enthusiasm for Functional Medicine and good health.