How to stop Hair Fall?

A good hair day instantly puts most of us in a good mood. Such is the significance attached to the appearance of our hair. Imagine how awful it is to deal with your precious hair locks beginning to fall off when even an occasional bad hair day can seriously dampen our mood. Hair loss and … Read more

6 Natural Methods for Reducing Anxiety

First we have to understand the Anxiety, why it arises. Anxiety is a natural and often beneficial emotion. However, when a person experiences disproportionate levels of anxiety on a regular basis, it may develop into a medical disorder. It raises your awareness of danger, motivates you to stay organised and prepared, and assists you in … Read more

Sleeping Techniques from Around the World

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Foods That Increase Your Height

Do you know that a person’s height is directly related to the type of diet he or she consumes? According to a study, eating dairy foods, chicken, and other animal-based foods helps children grow taller. A person’s height helps their personality appear stronger and more assured. The age at which a person reaches their maximum … Read more